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So you thought ASUS was all touch devices, laptops, motherboards, graphics cards and pop superstars? ASUS also has an entire line-up of snazzy bags to choose from. They’re all technically related to computing, as they’re designed to accommodate your laptop and related items, but there’s really nothing stopping you from storing other things in them. Like your favourite sandwich, maybe.

Metis is one of the newest bags out of the ASUS Collection (that’s the official name, just look at the tag). Named after a Titan from Greek mythology, Metis means wisdom, skill or acumen.

Behold the ASUS Collection!

Metis is fabricated using very durable materials that don’t scuff, wrinkle, or otherwise discolour easily. The exterior is 230D nylon, while the interior of the bag is Taslon fabric, which is related to nylon. The bag offers excellent shock absorption and protection for your devices, and everything else you put in it, plus it stays nice-looking for longe,r even if you take it with you on intense itineraries.

It’s also quite easy to clean with dust and debris coming off quickly. This applies to the bottom, so you no longer suffer from dusty-bag-underside syndrome. The fabrics used here are also highly water-resistant in the event you find yourself in a particularly rainy environment.

The classy and durable underside

Metis fresh from the shipping...bag

Metis measures 480mm x 320mm x 145mm, and is thus quite a large bag that’s capable of taking laptops up to 15.6″ or so in screen size. Its comfy leather-wrapped straps are adjustable, and the interior lining includes dedicated pockets for writing implements, documents, and naturally your smartphone.

And here's the bag fully "unbagged"

The inside allows for convenient placement of various accessories

Security tab keeps your laptop in place

Another thing I noticed about Metis, which is true for most bags made by ASUS, is that it’s very stretchy, so you can pack quite a lot. Mind you, this is not officially endorsed by ASUS or yours truly, but in a pinch, you’ll get that extra space.

Open wider!

And lest I forget, the capper is that Metis is a two-in-one product. It comes with a standalone sleeve inside, made of 230D nylon externally and sheer velvet on the interior. The sleeve offers instant flexibility for occasions when only your laptop or documents are needed. It takes up less space than Metis proper, and weighs a mere 290g. With the sleeve, Metis weighs 1085g. That may not be the lightest offering in the ASUS bag catalogue, but it’s appropriate since this carrier offers a lot and uses tough materials and genuine leather.

The Metis sleeve...


...and placed next to the carry bag for comparison

Metis should be hitting retail just about now. It’ll be on your local ASUS Shop site, where you can check out more accessories and stylish bags from ASUS.

Happy travels!

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