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As the sun sets in the Nevada Desert and CES 2012 winds down, we take a look at the new ASUS VA278Q display which was first introduced to the world early this week.

Apart from what’s been provided in the official press release, ASUS still remains pretty tight-lipped about what this new product has up its sleeve, but here’s what we know…

First up, lets take a look at the figures. The VA278Q features a 27″ QHD display which is capable of showcasing screen resolutions of up to  2560 x 1440. It features a pixel pitch of 0.233mm, which is 25% smaller than that of generic 27″ W FHD displays. In plain English, it should deliver sharper images. And these images can be viewed from extreme angles as well, with the VA278Q providing 178° wide-viewing angles on both vertical and horizontal planes.

The LED-backlit panel provides 100% sRGB colour space compatibility to give impressive image reproductions with color shift kept to a minimum.

ASUS has also ramped up its Smart Contrast Ratio technology to 80,000,000:1. The monitor automatically adjusts the display’s contrast by adjusting the luminance of the backlight to get the darkest black and brightest white hues.

The QuickFit Virtual Scale feature found in the high end ProArt series displays also makes its way into the VA278Q. Design for professional artists and photographers, it provides an actual-size photo and grid overlay onscreen so users can view and edit their photos accurately.

Also featured is the ASUS Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology. This provides six pre-set picture modes (Theatre, Scenery, Gaming, Night View, sRGB, and Standard) to provide settings optimized for the content onscreen.

The VA278Q has an array of connectivity options and has DisplayPort and dual-link DVI compatibility.  It also comes with an ergonomically-designed stand that provides tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments.

Stay tuned for a closer look at the VA278Q.

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