ASUS Waveface gallery from CES 2010

January 14th, 2010 in .News

James Kidder
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You’ve seen the concept renderings, watched the concept video and seen a few photos from other tech blogs, but now we have a full set of photos of functioning Waveface prototypes that were on display at this year’s CES.

Waveface is all about the next generation of personal communication devices and its uses a combination of radical new display technology, gesture-based input and location awareness to deliver information from the cloud in the most appropriate form to suit where you are.

There are three core components to Waveface — the Waveface Ultra personal computer that’s designed to wrap around the wrist for use on the move and snap into a flat when you need a bigger screen; the Waveface Light portable that uses a single flexible OLED display to provide both traditional laptop and tablet operating modes; and the large-screen Waveface Casa display that acts as an information portal at home.

Alas, ASUS has no immediate plans to put these concepts into production just yet, but it hopes that some of these ideas will be made real within the next five years.

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