ASUS surfs CES crest with Waveface

James Kidder
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ASUS has taken advantage of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase some fantastic new concept products.

Carrying the snappy moniker Waveface, the futuristic products ideas range from wearable wristband computer to a giant, widescreen display that serves as both entertainment centre and internet portal.

This latter concept has been dubbed the Waveface Casa, and it is imagined it will become a family home’s entertainment hub. The inspiration is of a wall-mounted widescreen display that his hidden by a flexible cover when not in use. However, small areas remain exposed to show all manner of useful information.

But when out and about, future ASUS consumers might be packing the Waveface Light – a laptop computer envisioned like no other. It will employ a flexible, touch-sensitive display that can be used in both a traditional folding screen and tactile keyboard arrangement, or as a flat, single-screen tablet.

And, as a companion, ASUS customers of tomorrow could strap the Waveface Ultra onto their wrist instead of a watch. However, quite unlike any existing watch the Waveface Ultra is all strap – and all screen. The flexible display can be snapped flat for use as a tall or wide screen, or worn around the wrist when on the move. It’ll be connected to the cloud for internet access and will be controlled by a variety of wrist and finger gestures.

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