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Christmas is a time of festive fun and curled up in blankets watching great movies on TV. I’m not one to mess with tradition, but I do know that I want to watch my Christmas movies on this ASUS Transformer AiO this year. Yes, Santa, pay attention…


This is not just a PC. It’s also not a tablet. It is this glorious hybrid, one of many epic and interesting creations from the technology-crazed minds of those in charge of ASUS’ design division. This Transformer is a desktop PC with all-in-one features such as Windows 8 and enough power to handle office and other such suites loaded onto the system.

The TV, on the other hand, is smart which means you can use the built-in Wireless WiDi technology to control your TV viewing and to enjoy all sorts of lovely entertainment in the form of Netflix or iPlayer or other such tasty on-demand services. You can also run standard TV, play the latest in movies on Blu-ray and enjoy games (not the very demanding, of course) all on the same device.


You can also, wait for it, transform this into a tablet. Oh yes, this gem can be switched into Android tablet mode and taken off the docking station and taken with you wherever you plan to go. It doesn’t have the world’s longest battery life, so it’s best not to take it camping with you, but it does have the ability to entertain on the go.

You have SonicMaster technology, lots of computing features and you can switch from Windows 8 to Android at the touch of a button. The display is full HD, you have 18.4 inches of desktop real estate and it can be either a tablet or a desktop or monster entertainment station, anything you fancy.

Certainly this is one for the Christmas gift lists this year, but you’d better hurry as time is, honestly, running out.

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