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Have you ever wanted to stream movies and music from your Transformer tablet to your PC? Well, you’re in luck because the ASUS video team of Bethan and Spode is about to tell you how to do just that using MyNet.

The video is all about that groovy UPnP media streaming experience so you can transfer content from one device to another without stress. It comes as a standard free media streaming app on all Transformers and you can use it to view files on your tablet or another machine, once you have it set up.

As you proceed through the video you’ll be taken to The Lab. Awesome. Is it just me or does our Tech in Style scientist look like Abby from NCIS?

Take a look at the video to find out how to use MyNet on the ASUS Transformer and stream files from your tablet to your PC and back again. It will open up whole new media worlds for you.

Please be sure to check in and let me know what you think…

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