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Yesterday ASUS revealed the secret weapon they’d been whispering about on Facebook and it’s the rather tasty Transformer Book T300. This is another clever hybrid that brings together the best from many tablet worlds into one cohesive solution. I rather like it and here’s why…

Transformer Book T300

The ASUS Transformer Book T300 comes with Windows 8 and an upgraded CPU that shifts from the original Ivy Bridge to the new fourth generation i7 Haswell processor. This is definitely a power boost from the first generation of Transformer Book and one that will place this device squarely on the competitive front lines. So how else is this device an improvement?

Well, there is also the 13.3 inch display, the detachable keyboard dock that transforms (sorry) the tablet into a computer without compromising on size and weight, and the high resolution 1920×1080 HD display. Intel is providing the HD Graphics 4400 and the screen is only 6mm so ASUS has said, and this can only mean improved touch capabilities and sensitivities.

The Transformer Book T300 uses SDD storage, has a rear 1080p camera and 720p in the front camera and you get all the relevant connectivity ports such as USB 3.0, micro-HDMI 1.4, 802.11n, 3.5mm headphones and microSD.

The battery life is put at around eight hours, process dependent of course, and the dock comes with plenty of its own features although without extra battery life. What makes this particular device rather special is the clever balance between weight and performance. Fully loaded with a keyboard, the Transformer Book T300 weighs just under 2kgs, well in the ultrabook territory, and without it the tablet only weighs in at 1.1kgs. The dock itself is 800g and the detachable feature ensures it can protect the tablet as well as provide ease of use while working.

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