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The world has gone hybrid and it won’t be long before more and more devices adopt the features, specifications and capabilities of others. The only question will be – how will your hybrid dominate? And by dominate I mean, of course, what is its original designation. In the case of the ASUS Transformer Book Trio it’s a tablet, but it’s also a desktop and a laptop and all in one extremely pretty device.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio

This is the first ever three-in-one notebook to hit the shelves and it can switch from one mode to the next really quickly. You could even say that it can switch in an instant. What makes this particularly interesting is that it’s perfectly suited to the demands of the market today. Users are workers and as BYOD (bring your own device) continues to rise as a trend, they want something that can cater to all their needs, no matter where they may be.

The Transformer Book Trio has Windows 8 built into the keyboard dock so users can tap into the flexibility of that operating system (not to mention the well-known productivity apps) when the device is in desktop or laptop mode. The blend of Windows 8 features with the touchscreen of the gorgeous Gorilla Glass make it versatile and functional.

The tablet feature runs on the Android operating system which is ideal for working and entertaining on the move. The combined force of apps from both operating systems also gives the user access to almost a million apps. Over 700,000 to be precise. That’s a lot of functionality and gives users plenty of flexibility too – the app selections they make can transform (sorry) each stage of the device into a high-powered tool capable of handling almost anything except high-end gaming.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio

And that’s ok. The high-end gamers were given their own special treats at Computex 2013 with devices like the Poseidon, and in my next piece I’m going to be taking a look at another of the ASUS gadgets that drips gamer cool. For now, though, my inner geek is gagging to get my hands on this Transformer Book Trio. Now we wait to find out exactly how much this first ever hybrid is going to cost.

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