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ASUS has not limited itself to the glamorous all-in-one PC or the sexy Transformer or the hidden, golden wonder of the motherboard, the company has also spent a lot of time creating accessories to match. They have also made sure that these accessories fit within their remit of innovation and design and the ASUS TransKeyboard really isn’t an exception to the rule.


This Bluetooth keyboard looks stunning and will work with a number of devices including smartphones and tablets and is ideally placed to fit neatly into your laptop bag or even your handbag. The keyboard layout is simple and spacious – you won’t have issues if you have large fingers – and there is no mouse pad so this is exclusively for driving by keys.

What makes this particularly exciting, however, is the ASUS Origami cover that folds out in a rather fantastic way and looks utterly awesome. You can twist and shuffle and snap it into place with magnets to create a stand that will support your Transformer neatly and keep it nice and secure while you work.


It is ultra slim and has a micro-USB port with instant on and off switch to conserve power.

This is a great extra to have if you need to travel a lot and hate having to balance your tablet on your knee or battle with the darn thing sliding all over the place. The Origami cover will hold your keyboard and tablet together while you get things done. It is absolutely stunning and, as yet, has no pricing. Check out the video to see how it works.

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