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The name of this graphics card- the ASUS R9 290 – makes me think of K9 from Doctor Who (which is rapidly returning to our screens which is very exciting for Whovians!) and it has some unworldly features that make it almost worthy of such a moniker.  Of course, this is not the first in the R9 series, but it is the latest and it looks incredibly well placed to take the gamer’s market by storm.

The R9 290 graphics card rom ASUS is powered by the latest AMD Radeo R9 290 GPU (obviously) with super-fast memory and great extras.

You’ll find 4GB of GDDR5 memory for high resolution, super fact and epic gaming along with the TrueAudio and AMD Eyefinity elements included. EyeFinity is fabulous as it lets you play across up to six different monitors. Hey? That’s just awesome.  You get support for Direct X 11.2 and the new API from AMD themselves, Mantle built-in too.

The ASUS overclocking controls, much loved by gamers across the globe, and known as GPU Tweak is, of course, included with the board and it will get superlative performance from this board. Of that I am pretty darn sure, even if you’re not an overclocking expert. In fact, ASUS’ GPU Tweak is user friendly enough to provide the beginner with some excellent tools and step-by-step guidance towards overclocking.


It’s a well-priced card with excellent performance capabilities, a rich feature set and is probably going to add more than a little fuel to the fire that’s burning in the increasingly competitive graphics card arena.

Would I get this card? I’m not sure. I have a soft spot for AMD-driven graphics cards if I am honest. They have never let me down, been very reliable and powerful, and I had steady results. This looks set to be a good step up for anyone with a mid-to high system who’s keen to upgrade and experience fast (and I mean FAST) performance and lots of gaming awesome.

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