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I bet your first day of work didn’t have lions in it. Unless you’re a lion tamer or a game ranger, in that case, yes, yes it did.

The new ad campaign created for ASUS by agency Bates CHI&Partners has been gathering a lot of attention as it does the rounds on digital. It was developed to launch the Transformer Book Trio across the US, Europe and Asia and it seems to have done that rather well.

Take a peek at the video below and then tell us what you thought? Was this as epic as you expected? This video is just the teaser, showing you glimpses of the upcoming ad campaign that has been designed to knock your socks off. Lots of glitz and glam and falling over in the rain and a snake.

Yes, I am also a bit confused by the snake…

The Transformer Book Trio is a pretty exceptional product that offers you a ton of features in a unique design and style. I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow, so stay tuned, but in the meantime here is the epic video teaser for the upcoming launch of the ASUS Transformer Book Trio…

Now that you’ve seen how it was made, you can see the final cut and video right here. It’s actually pretty epic and has some moments of brilliance. Enjoy.

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