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ASUS is often seen at the forefront of innovation and design when it comes to their products and this dedication has seen them deliver leading products across the globe. Recently the organisation hosted a wireless seminar that showcased router and wireless adaptors across the high-end and standard spectrums.


The goal of the seminar was to examine the unique features inherent in ASUS routers, the relevance of the 802.11ac standard and how to eke the most out of ASUS devices within this arena. Among the devices showcased at the event were the WL-330NUL router (known as the world’s smallest router), the RT-N14U router and the RTAC66U router.  The speed of setting up an ASUS router was first on the agenda with it taking only 20 seconds from start to finish. That includes the mouse clicks you need to get there! The ASUS routers on display were all sporting the ASUSWRT GUI that allows for the quick and easy control of router settings and ASUS Smart Sync for easy wireless file transfers. ASUS experts took the attendees through a range of offerings in the routers to show their features and capabilities to best advantage.

WL-330NUL router

The event then shifted to an analysis of the 802.11ac standard and how it can improve the quality of wireless networking and what it can potentially offer the market. Of course, the ASUS routers at the event all boasted this capability and could handle it with ease. What this highlighted was how important it is to invest in a router technology that will deliver high quality performance and speed for years, not months, and that is rich with features that improve ease of use, control and, of course, performance. Read what the attendees and news had to say here!

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