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Did you expect to find NFC (Near Field Communications) inside your headset? Yeah, neither did I, but ASUS has managed to create a small and clever headset that will work wonderfully with your devices. The ASUS EB50N NearField headset has some useful features that should work well for those of you who have to do a lot of driving or community and need to stay on top of things.

ASUS EB50N NearField headset

The headset includes Bluetooth 4.0 which is the latest and best incarnation along with EDR for extra oomph and NFC EZ pairing so you just tap your headset to a compatible device and it will connect. Yep, just like that. Lovely technology magic right there, I say.

The headset fits comfortably behind your ears and has been designed to fit neatly so you don’t get that all too common problem of ear ache. I always get that because most people design earphones for giant ears not small ones…

ASUS EB50N NearField headset

The ASUS EG50N headphones come with noise cancellation properties built in, making it far easier to communicate on the move than with standard design. You won’t find the roar of traffic or other external sources as invasive and it will be far easier to hear what’s going on. In addition, you can use the smart controls to manage your sound levels at a tap of your finger and you can talk to up to three different people simultaneously using the in-built controls.

The battery life is just as impressive with 250 hours of standby time and six hours of talk time, you should be in sight of a charger by the time you’ve chatted for that long.

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