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The Zen-inspired concentric circle finish found on the ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook™ has etched its way onto the company’s design ethos, with products like the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity and ASUS PadFone™ sporting similar spun metal lines.

That tradition continues with the ASUS Zenbook Infinity, except that this latest rehash of the original is the world’s first 28-watt Ultrabook™ and uses the latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. Zenbook Infinity retains the concentric circle and Zen-like
essence of the original, but when viewed under lights, reflects a light blue steel hue.

The Zenbook Infinity has a thickness of 15.5mm and is 14% thinner than its predecessors. It’s lighter and tougher too, with Corning®’s Native Damage Resistance™ (NDR) improving its ability to withstand the daily knocks and bumps all too familiar with today’s notebooks. As we all know, smooth glassy surfaces are a magnet for fingerprint smudges, but ASUS anticipated this and uses an automotive industry-grade fluorine compound coating to protect the Zenbook Infinity’s finish.

ASUS has been tight-lipped about what the Zenbook Infinity would deliver in terms of tech specs, but here’s what we’re sure of – it sports the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor for powerful, yet energy efficient performance.

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