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The ASUS Padfone Infinity is the latest in the line of innovative devices and one that boasts some really fantastic features. Of course, the big one is the fact that it will be getting the Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.2GHz. This is a performance boosting girl wonder that will put the Padfone Infinity right where the market wants it.

ASUS Padfone InfinityAlso squeezed into the sleek white (or black) frame is the 13 megapixel camera with PixelMaster, a feature that takes the images and enhances them by pushing them up into a higher bracket by up to three megapixels. It’s a nifty idea and could see owners of the Padfone Infinity enter some stunners onto Flickr (or other such photo sharing and loving sites).

There is the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system which offers its own set of features and improvements for mobility and performance, not least of which is improved battery life. These factors have the ASUS Padfone Infinity deliver an incredibly impressive battery life of up to 19 hours of 3G talk time.


The display is five inches full HD LTE for the phone and 10.1 inches full HD LTE for the tablet. When the phone is docked to the tablet it automatically reformats to fit the larger display, which is a very neat touch indeed.  In terms of design there is the brushed metal finish that comes in Titanium Gray, Hot Pink and Champagne Gold. There is something very decadent about owning a gold gadget isn’t there?

You will find the combined weight of the phone and tablet is less than 1kg and you get plenty of storage with a choice between 32GB or 64GB eMMc Flash plus free 50GB of ASUS Webstorage for two years.

The Padfone Infinity has taken the concept of the blended tablet/phone to the next level and should deliver spectacular performance across the board with the new Snapdragon quad-core processor.

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