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The tablet market continues to make the analysts and the purse holders very happy indeed. According to the International Data Coporation (IDC) the first quarter of 2013 experienced another surge upwards in tablet popularity.

Global tablet shipments grew by 147.4% year-on-year in the first quarter with sales of 49.2 million units. These figures are certainly bolstered by the fact that ASUS has now shot into third place with a strong demand for the Nexus 7. ASUS are certainly showing remarkable growth in an extremely competitive industry and if they continue to deliver on their innovation and style, they could very well be shifting to an even greater market share.

The competition in the market has certainly reached epic proportions, and with manufacturers all chatting about exciting developments to come (ASUS has a few rumours circulating at the moment), consumers are ready and waiting for the next big thing in tablets and mobility.

The ASUS Transformer is a superb Android tablet that’s achieved critical acclaim for its usability and detachable keyboard dock. And ASUS themselves are getting a hearty thumbs up from users as they deliver the latest Android updates faster than you can say, “Oh hey, look, another update” and for making quick changes to any issues that raise their heads.

It is proving to be an interesting year so far, and it hasn’t even hit high speed yet…

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