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If you take a look at the tech news this week, you’ll see ASUS’ name up in lights at almost every turn. Not only has the company shown superb growth in their recently released financials, their strategy of focusing on the tablet market is clearly paying off, but they are continuing to follow the innovative path they set with the netbook way back in the day.

asus nexus 7

Certainly design and innovation, and recognising a gap in the market before anyone else does, are a strong suit of ASUS. The netbook and the Transformer both stepped up the game in their respective markets and are held to be among the best. So what can they be planning for one of their next moves?

Well, the smaller and cheaper Microsoft Windows 8 tablet is likely. CEO Jerry Shen revealed that Windows 8 tablets could well be released at a very sweet price point, offering users a brilliant experience without the heavy weight of their wallet being excessively relieved. This is, I think, a genius move.

Look at the success of the Nexus 7. That sat at an unbeatable price point while delivering a great performance. If Windows 8 tablets can sit comfortably within that same gap, then it could be that this operating system’s time has come. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see what ASUS will bring to market over the next few months and how the market will react. No matter what, it’s going to be interesting…

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