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ASUS has something of a reputation when it comes to releasing video teasers before major tech events. Earlier this year they released a series of trailers and teasers designed to whet the appetites of any who find new tech exciting and they heralded the arrival of the much talked about FonePad at Mobile World Congress 2013.

So, anyone who sees the teaser below will be forgiven for thinking that there is something equally exciting on the way for Computex 2013. On June 06 the latest designs from ASUS will be revealed at this premier event in Taipei and, once you’ve seen the video below, you’ll have an idea as to what may be placed on the showroom floor.

The one item that really captures the eye is the stylus that emerges gracefully from a Transformer-style tablet near the end. I have a suspicion that most of the tablets shown throughout the video are one and the same. That the video is taking you through its various guises, one by one. Although you can definitely see the Taichi in there! I am very keen to know what operating system this device will boast too – is this another Android or are we looking at the evolution of Windows 8? One thing is for sure, we’ll be finding out more very soon…

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