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The ASUS Xonar range of products has been created with the audiophile in mind. Every feature and detail is carefully crafted to maximise the value and intensity of sound and one of these amazing Xonar devices can transform a gaming experience into an auditory sensation.

The latest in their range is the Xonar Essence STU which is a USB driven digital to analogue converter and headphone amplifier with easy to use external controls. The device sits outside of your kit, it is entirely external, and for that reason looks extremely chic and takes up very little space.

The slim design with the black shell and silver front will see it blend in seamlessly with your existing kit, and not look out of place on any high end setup. The sound is fantastic. You get 120dB signal to noise ratio, asynchronous USB audio and swappable Op-Amps for sound modification, and 600ohm headphone amplifier.

The Xonar Essence STU has precision clock tuning technology so you can really get into the finer nuances of your sound and it’s utterly perfect for music lovers who want a quality DAC and headphone amplifier to drive the full capabilities of high-end headphones.

The Xonar Essence STU would make a rather brilliant gift for that audiophile in your life. Trust me, they will thank you for the clean, distortion-free sound and the complete control that the device offers them over their sound and output. You will find it extremely accurate in reproduction of all sound sources with a bare minimum of crosstalk or interference.

ASUS has used components such as the Texas Instruments PCM1792A DAC and TPA6120A2 headphone amplifier that supports up to 600ohm impedance, and the WIMA FKP2 and Nichicon Finegold capacitors for rich and balanced sound.

There you have it, a neat and tasty device that is easy to use and install and that offers the user an extraordinary audio experience. You have complete control over the quality of the sound that you get out of the ASUS Xonar Essence STU and you won’t see an extraordinary learning curve either. Unless you are a beginner audiophile, then you might have to work a little to figure out what the terminology is and what everything means…

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