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Windows 8 has been marching along happily for a while now and many of its original detractors are starting to settle down with the operating system and form a relationship. As more and more devices, such as the ASUS VivoTab range, are released with Windows 8 resting comfortably in their insides, it’s time to get to know some of the cooler apps you can add and use on your gadgets and gizmos.


The first app is Cookbook. I love this app because I am utterly useless at pulling together things in the kitchen unless I have complete guidance. What’s brilliant about this app is that you can read the recipes in the kitchen while you go and there are enough ideas in there to keep you going for quite a while.

Oh, and to find these apps you need only tap the Store tile on the Windows 8 Start screen and search by name.

Kobo. Just like the eReader that sits and waits on the collapse of the Kindle empire, this free app transforms your device into an eReader deluxe. It’s easy to use and install and may suit your inner rebel nicely. If you already have an extensive library on your Kindle, then just download their app instead, it’s already available.

Ashampoo FX. I love this app mainly because I have always had a weakness for their name. Anyone who calls an app after a hair care product is a winner in my book, just because it is funny. This app is an easy way for you to add effects to your images, clean them up, and generally have some fun. Perfect for all those Christmas photos you now have clogging up your desktop.

News Republic is the fourth app on my list and it appears on so many other Windows 8 app lists that I can’t be wrong. Well, I could, but the app is free so you won’t lose anything by it. News Republic has tuned into the growing trend to create a news feed with content driven by the reader rather than the news service. It’s pretty, it’s customisable and it is a two second install.

Finally there is Evernote. I am recommending this in spite of the fact that I’ve never really gotten along with this programme. I am definitely the exception, though, as almost everyone loves Evernote to pieces. Well, now you can download it and install it onto your Windows 8 device so all your notes and message and groups are available on absolutely everything you own.

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