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The latest version of the ASUS Transformer, the TF300T, is a modified version of the Transfomer Prime coming in at a different price point with some differentiating features. This particular Transformer comes bundled with the dock which has all the functionality you need, including extra battery power.

asus transfomer tf300t dock

I’ve had the good fortune to play around with all the incarnations of Transformer, from the first release to this ASUS Transformer TF300T, and I have to admit that I find this particular keyboard a lot more responsive. It could just be these delicate feminine fingers of mine, of course, but the keys are quick to the touch, easy to work with and have better feedback.

The size of the keyboard may be a bit of an issue for anyone who’s not spent a lot of time on a smaller keyboard, like with a netbook, for example, but once you’re used to it there are few faults to find. It certainly is a much better way of working with a tablet if you need to write a lot of text, much easier than with the screen keyboard, and then there are those ever so helpful shortcut keys that run along the top of the dock.

You’ll find keys to modify brightness, Wi-Fi, volume and media playback so you get pretty much instantaneous control over regularly used features, especially if you’re a media or internet junkie.

asus transfomer tf300t dock

I have to admit that I very rarely use the touchpad that comes included with the keyboard, tapping the screen of the tablet does nicely, thank you, but it seems a handy enough addition. I guess anyone who prefers that type of control would appreciate the gesture.

The dock carries around an extra battery which is automatically drained first if you are using the two together, and I’ve managed to get a tidy 13 hours or so with continuous use. The other neat feature is that when you close the dock and pad, it puts the device into standby, saving you the hassle.

It’s worth noting that the dock of the Transformer TF300T is lighter than the others while the tablet is heavier, however, the two together come in at lighter than the Prime. I instantly felt the difference but a run on the scales proved me right. The dock is also quick to attach and detach from the pad itself. There is little to no fiddling about and the click as it docks (sorry) is very satisfying indeed.

It’s light, easy to use and the keys are boasting an improved interface, so far the ASUS Transformer TF300T is proving an interesting review product.

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