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The ASUS P1M ultra-light HD Portable LED Projector is rated at 200 ANSI lumens and features a long-life LED light source. This device supports HD quality high resolution projections at 1280 x 800. Users can enjoy HD projections the size of a 40” display if the P1M is just a meter away from the screen.

Designed with the user in mind, the P1M features 5-second on and instant off capabilities to save the user time. It works with most ASUS notebook AC power adapters (≧65W) so the notebook and projector can share a single power adapter to form the ideal business presentation combo.

To improve on the design of the original award-winning P1, the P1M also comes with a SD card reader and built-in speaker. It supports MS Office files, PDF files, and various multimedia file formats, allowing the user to view these files through on-screen projections.

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