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The tasty goodies emerging from Computex are not slowing down this year and the next one up to the starting posts is the ASUS K Series notebooks. These mid-range portable PCs have a neat price tag and new hardware, making them a very appealing investment for the travelling computer user.

ASUS K Series notebooks

The screen sizes range from 14 inches to an enormous 18.4 inches, nice, and they are wrapped in environmentally friendly and very appealing aluminium. The ASUS K Series notebooks also come in a plethora of colour flavours for the more discerning user – you can choose anything from smoky black (oooh) to dark indigo.

They are powered by third generation Intel Core processors, boast the Nvidia GeForce series and AMD Radeon choices for graphics, custom heat pipes and thermal management keep the notebooks cool, and overall these K Series notebooks balance features neatly against cost.

Take a peek at these beauties right here:

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