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It’s all around us, and we’ve definitely encountered it on smartphones and tablet PCs, but few of us know about it.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology for displays has been around for some time, and was first developed by manufacturers to help improve on the narrow viewing angles and poor color reproduction found on circa-1990s LCD displays.

Designo ML Series

While the technology did work, it did not take off due to the high costs that came with its development. It did, however, make its way into high-end professional monitors; putting it in the hands of people who required enhanced colour reproduction on their displays.  It would be some time before it became financially viable for it to be introduced to the mass market.

Fast forward 15 years, ASUS introduces IPS technology in a big way with its IPS Series monitors. ASUS’ ProArt Series professional monitors, the Designo ML Series and the VS Series LCD monitors are now bringing clear and vivid true-to-life images that were once the preserve of high end displays.



IPS is considered to provide better image quality, color reproduction, and wider viewing angles of 178° (both vertically and horizontally) when compared to other panel technologies on the market today.

Unlike other displays, the crystal molecules within the panel move parallel (as opposed to perpendicular as in normal displays) to the panel plane; hence the name. This, in effect, reduces the amount of scattered light within the matrix to provide wider viewing angles and better color reproduction.

The ASUS displays mentioned here feature exclusive innovations like Splendid Video Intelligence Technology enhances visuals to give more precise colour representations; while QuickFit technology provides a virtual scale to give real-size document depictions.

Design professionals swear by the ASUS ProArt Series monitors, with each PA Series display being individually pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate Adobe RGB and sRGB modes.

Meanwhile, the ultra-slim ML and VS Series are optimized for HD multimedia viewing thanks to its LED-backlit displays, high contrast ratio, and multitude of input ports.

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