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You have got to hand it to ASUS, they really have cornered the market on funky product names. We can forgive them the occasional lengthy title describing a new monitor when they call their Google TV device Qube. I am not entirely sure I care that much about whether it works, I just want one in my lounge so I can proudly say, “Qube” to people when they come round.


However, I am sure you’d probably prefer a bit more information and so here you go…

First off, the Qube is, sadly, only going to be available in the US thanks to those pesky content licensing issues that cause problems for all tech and users. I really wish that those who handle licensing could just get together and sort it out so we could all enjoy this type of gadget.

What makes the Qube particularly fetching, other than its funky design (reminiscent of that episode of Doctor Who? Anyone else agree?) is that it has both motion and voice controls fitted within. Google Voice recognises your verbal commands, spoken into the microphone secreted away in the cube, and does your bidding.

Apps and features are designed to work within the ASUS interface of a rotating cube, broken down into categories for easy usage and access. You can access live TV, play games, and even use an ASUS Android app to control the Qube using your Android device. If you wanted something else to do with your Transformer, now you can.

The Qube boasts plenty of storage, 50GB to start with, as well as free access to ASUS’ cloud storage options, AiCloud. As always, there is hope that the ASUS Qube will come to the UK once licensing restrictions and rules have been resolved and Google TV is happily transferred across. I guess it’s a waiting game for this side of the pond and, who knows, we could end up with the Qube 2 that has even more funky features to enjoy.

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