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With the best-selling Android tablet in the market, ASUS is becoming known as more than just a motherboard company that also makes notebooks, but to one that makes technology solutions suited for a variety of lifestyles. Even better, ASUS is also developing a positive reputation for providing quick updates to the Android OS a few days after it’s been released, which brings me to the subject of today’s article.

In the latest Android 3.2.1 update, a new app called Supernote was quietly introduced, yet made one of the biggest splashes in the Android user community. Supernote is a note taking application, but has loads more features built in. The app is quite fun to play with, as it transcribes your chicken scratch (and let’s be honest, without a stylus, writing with a finger looks like chicken scratch) into mini-images within a document.

You can easily switch back and forth from using the keyboard to type and drawing on screen, making it highly convenient for those times its better to just to draw an image to show something than to type out, say, like in a physics class where you have to draw figures for solving problems. Or if you just feel like doodling around and goofing off, some of the effects are pretty cool too.

Here’s a little something I whipped up…

I’m no Picasso, but it gets the, point across, don’t you think?

With a variety of brushes, sizes and colors, users have the ability to annotate, insert images, a time stamp, voice record or video capture making Supernote a versatile, and in my opinion, the best note taking app available for a tablet today.

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