ASUS Cine5 Soundbar: For an immersive PC audio experience

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While sitting behind your laptop or computer playing that engaging game or watching that exciting movie, do you feel that the sound could be better? If you have been living with thin sound from your computer, it’s time to jettison your sub-par speakers and meet the new name in immersive sound. 

Introducing the ASUS Cine5 Soundbar, a compact surround sound speaker system with five channels of dynamic audio for that truly cinematic sound experience. Hook up the Cine5 to your computer and be overwhelmed by how sounds seem to come from different directions – all without any satellite speakers.

Extremely realistic and immersive sound is recreated with its six array drivers and a unique technology called “Embracing Sound”. This delivers the actual spatial charateristics – with all its depth and breadth - from the original recording whenever a listener is infront of the speakers. No bouncing of sound across room walls is required.

With a maximum of 32 watts power output and taking up less space with no messy wiring, the Cine5 also earns the honour of being an elegant performer. Refined Hi-Fi audio output allows you to enjoy a breathtaking movie experience with all the thrills and spills or an earth-shattering First Player Shooter gaming session that puts you in the seat of real action.

Besides enhancing the sound from computers and laptops, the Cine5 also works with media players and iPods to re-expand stereo sources from down-mixed 5.1-channel audio to deliver audio output as it’s meant to be heard. 

Elegant, dynamic, and awesome – the Cine5 truly expands your multimedia experience.

Cinematic surround sound minus messy wiring

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