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ASUS SonicMaster technology has already made a hefty splash in audio circles, but the next-generation technology featured on the all-new N Series promises even greater listening pleasure.

The N Series won’t keep you waiting

With its 3rd-generation Intel® Core™ processors, the new ASUS N Series of notebook PCs delivers more mobile performance than ever before. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology makes this performance immediately available too, with a two-second resume time and over eight days of standby time.

That means there’s no need to wait around for Windows to load after pressing the power button, or hunt around for the power adapter if an N Series notebook has been left unused for a few days — not that that’s ever likely to happen!

Designed for comfort

The N Series is built with entertainment in mind and that’s immediately evident with Full HD display. IPS technology gives an incredibly wide viewing angle (140° H/120° V), and the anti-reflective finish keeps its image clear and bright at all times. The N Series’ onboard HD camera also gives an HD image, which makes it ideal for widescreen video chat with friends and family.

Other user-friendly features include a backlit keyboard for comfortable use at all times, a well-proportioned trackpad with multi-touch support and enhanced ‘360°’ Wi-Fi for superior wireless connectivity. And, of course, the whole thing is packaged in a stunning low-profile design that’s fashioned from tough aluminium alloy with a beautiful hairline finish.

The sound of SonicMaster Premium

Last, but far from least, comes the N Series’ crowing feature — ASUS SonicMaster Premium. As with earlier N Series notebooks, this sound optimisation technology has been developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® to deliver outstanding levels of audio performance in a mobile device.

On the outside, the only clue to the new N Series’ considerable audio prowess is its ripple-like speaker grille that flows from the top two corners of the keyboard, but the real magic takes place in the inside.

SonicMaster Premium on the new N Series is designed to deliver optimal audio in a compact form factor and it uses a combination of hardware and software to produce the best possible results.

The superior sound quality of SonicMaster Premium begins with its professional-grade audio codecs that give incredibly accurate audio reproduction with reduced distortion. Bundled MaxxAudio 3 audio processing software also fine-tunes the sound to further enhance its finer qualities — and offer the option of 10-band manual equalisation for even greater personal control, if required.

Superlative audio counts for nothing if it can’t be heard, of course, which is why the new N Series also packs a powerful 11W amplifier with large stereo speakers — no other notebook anywhere near so well-equipped when it comes to sound.

Better still, a compact desktop subwoofer also delivers rich, deep bass, making the new N Series the notebooks worth considering if you’re serious about sound quality.

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