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ASUS has a knack for, every now and then, creating a simply awesome advert that taps into the vibe of the device they are advertising perfectly. The latest ASUS Fonepad advert does just that, and if you are not giggling or grinning by the end of the first minute I will eat my Mini-ITX motherboard…

The advert shows off all the cool capabilities of the ASUS Fonepad, a device that has cleverly blended the smartphone and the tablet to create an effortlessly chic solution for the modern user. The interface is crisp and clear with plenty of features, making it an ideal choice for staying connected with friends, family and colleagues.

The device blends the best of both worlds and you can find out more about every little feature of all the different models on this link to the official page here.

So what does all this have to do with Mahjong? Well, you’ll have to watch through to time 1;07 to find out, but I can assure you that it is most definitely worth it…

The video shows off how easy it is to collaborate, share, shoot and call using the ASUS Fonepad and it is the perfect size for you to enjoy interacting with the device as a tablet as much as to take calls. I particularly enjoyed the scene with the bomb technician, and the one with the domino geeks. Pure genius.

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