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Watch highlights of the ASUS press conference on May 29th for Computex 2011 in Taipei, where ASUS unveiled highly-anticipated products including the new, super light, slim and performance UX series notebooks, N Series notebook with incredible SonicMaster audio technology, unique home entertainment devices such as the motion-sensing WAVI Xtion, the 27″ All-in-One high-definition ET2700XVT desktop PC, the revolutionary and versatile Eee Pad MeMO 3D, ultra-thin Eee PC X101 netbooks, and the rule breaking Padfone, which merges a smartphone and tablet into one symbiotic gadget.

With “Break the Rules, Innovation Beyond Expectations” as the dominant theme this year, ASUS Chairman Mr. Shih has reiterated the company’s strength in cutting-edge designs and superior engineering skills to help bring users the devices of their dreams.

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