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ASUS’ search for the Incredible continued in New York yesterday with chairman Jonney Shih introducing a host of products designed to take advantage of the newest operating system on the block – Windows 8. Focusing on its Customer Happiness 2.0 approach, ASUS believes that a focus on facets like Beauty, Sound, Touch, Responsiveness, and Ubiquity (Cloud Convenience) would deliver the best computing experience for consumers.

“We are approaching a critical transition from an age of personal computing to a new era of ubiquitous cloud computing, where every device must be intuitive, mobile and adaptable,” said Mr Shih. “With Windows 8 and our relentless pursuit of incredible innovation, ASUS is at the very forefront of this transition.”

Here’s a quick sum up of what he introduced at yesterday’s event.


Part notebook, part tablet, the ASUS TAICHI is an ultraportable that features dual back-to-back Full HD displays. When used in the traditional sense, the TAICHI is a powerful Ultrabook. But with the lid down, it also works as a lightweight multi-touch Windows 8 tablet. In addition, both screens can be used simultaneously and independently of each other to provide a versatile computing experience.

ASUS Transformer Book
The ASUS Transformer Book happens to be the first ultraportable notebook/tablet hybrid. In notebook mode, the ASUS Transformer Book is a powerful fully-functional notebook with a high capacity hard drive. On the other side of the coin, its high definition display can be detached from the keyboard dock to yield a multi-touch Windows 8 tablet with onboard SSD storage.


The expanded range of ASUS ZENBOOKs now cater to almost every mobile need, with varying specifications and screen sizes. The ZENBOOK Series continues to sport the same award-winning spun-metal finish and razor thin profile; along with HD displays, powerful processosr and SSD storage. The addition of touch-enabled models in the range gives users full Windows 8 gesture control.

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