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The Maximus VI Impact motherboard from ASUS is here and this Mini-ITX form factor board has a lot to offer the user. Here you will find a motherboard that has precisely what the gamer needs to get the best possible performance out of their machines and, as the site puts it, “put your frags first.”

You will find some pretty sterling features built into the motherboard such as the LGA1150 socket that will hold the fourth generation Intel Core i7, i5, i3, Pentium and Celeron processors. Obviously not all at the same time. Still, this does give you some nice wriggle room when it comes to updating your machine, no pressure here at all.

The Intel Z87 chipset comes within the Maximus VI Impact motherboard and just emphasises the rather brilliant fact that here you have a real, honest-to-goodness mini-ITX gaming board. For real. Really. Ok, I’ll move on…

You will find performance, power and stability as standard features with the Maximus VI Impact motherboard and the unique design offered by ASUS boards in general means that you won’t be battling issues around overheating either.

I love the descriptions on the ASUS site myself. Just take a look at the image below. You can see the Impact Power BlackWing Chokes, Supreme FX Impact and all the other connectivity options that every board has to have in order to be power efficient and up to the challenge of a good game.

Motherboard miniitx

A substantial amount of engineering has gone into the development of the Maximus VI Impact Mini-ITX motherboard. They have worked hard to ensure that the layout is compatible with as many of both CPU coolers and mini-ITX chassis designs as possible. In addition, the installation washers are included to limit installation difficulties and there is zero height on the backplate area to reduce other fitment issues. The Extreme Engine Digi+ III has been redesigned so you get the power and overclocking benefits without instability or increased form factor.

Any gamer with a mini-ITX system will thoroughly appreciate the effort that’s gone into this superbly designed board, and the levels of power that it offers the gamer. You will not be compromising on anything if you choose to move ahead with a board like this and I find myself wishing that I had the kit so that I can use it!

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