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Yesterday ASUS announced the release of no less than six brand new, entry-level motherboards using the Intel H81 chipset. The boards sit in the ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX form factors so all types of setup can take advantage of their new features and design.

These new motherboards all have the ASUS 5X protection technology built in. This provides the boards with an extra layer of reliability and stability as well as some of that excellent ASUS oomph, of course.  Also built into the motherboards are plenty of cool connections and ports. You will find two DDR3 DIMM slots, one PCI Express x16 slot, two SATA 6GBit ports and USB 3.0.

The motherboards are called the ASUS H81-Plus, H81M-A and the H81M-E and they all have additional software included to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards for entry-level boards. You will find the ASUS UEFI BIOS (famed for its ease of use and access), the Realtek 7.1 Audio for superior sound quality and DIGI+ VRM digital voltage regulation for stability and performance control.

The modern motherboard that sits in the entry-level category already outstrips what used to be considered entry level. You get so many extras and connectivity options that if you’re not a hardcore gamer or PC enthusiast you probably won’t notice any difference in performance. I think that these boards are ideal for the average user and are a good way of building a steady machine that will hold on for the next few years at the very least.

You also gain the advantages offered by Intel’s H81 chipset which supports fourth generation Intel Core processors and improved performance thanks to the serial links. You get increased bandwidth and stability and native USB 3.0 support. Other features include the Windows 8 exclusive ASUS Boot Setting and AI Suite 3. If you want a cost-effective and powerful solution, then these are a great bet for any PC.

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