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I’ve spoken about the ASUS Taichi at length in previous posts as I think this is really something. What a superb looking device. The Taichi offers you not one, but two 13.3 inch displays that can be used to do work, play, multimedia and so much more.

The ASUS Taichi 31 is the bigger and heftier brother of the ASUS Taichi 21 that was released in October 2012. It has some extra bits and pieces thrust within that slender shell to make it even more desirable that its sibling.

ASUS Taichi 31

The battery is bigger and has, therefore, a longer battery life that lasts anything from five to seven hours. The time it lasts will be entirely dependent on what you’re doing with the device and how much power you’re demanding from it. Either way, this is an impressive length of time when you consider that the battery is powering two big screens.

If you’ve not read about the ASUS Taichi before, then let me give you a little insight. The screen on the inside of the device is your standard, old faithful screen. It’s HD and it is not a touchscreen. The exterior screen is a touchscreen which gives you multi-touch control and complete interaction with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8.

Using the ASUS Taichi 31 you can switch between laptop and tablet mode seamlessly, you can use both screens at the same time – ideal for presentations or for entertaining kids while you work on aforementioned presentations. Yes, you can either show the same content across both screens or you can work with them independently, the choice is yours.


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