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It’s easy to get excited about anything that ASUS delivers in the Zenbook range. These ultrabooks are lovely to look at and the designers have paid attention to what users want when it comes to the features list. And now, for our enjoyment, they have announced the arrival of a new baby in the Zenbook nursery – the Zenbook Infinity.

The Zenbook Infinity is to be yet another world first for a company that thrives on innovation and delivering the unique, this time it’s because the lid is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Yes, the lid. What you have here in this new ultrabook is a blend of glass and aluminium that’s thin and sparkly. And a girl loves her sparkly… Well, I do anyway.

ASUS Zenbook Infinity

This particular Zenbook model is thinner than its predecessors and the Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance (yes, these are the trade names) is on the lid and the keyboard for extra durability and style. It’s scratch resistant – something that I’ve noticed many geeks are rather concerned with. My other geeky half can bang on about a scratch on his tech for weeks. Me, not so much, I think it adds character.

Moving on…

The maximum thickness is 15.5mm, 14% thinner than the last extremely thin ultrabook, and ASUS have said that it will be launched in the third quarter of this year. The full specifications and information will all be, of course, released at Computex 2013 and it’s going to be very interesting to hear what powers this beauty, and to finally see shots of the glass and aluminium design in all its ultrabook glory.

The Zenbook Infinity is certainly tapping into the trend for ultra-portable and light kit that can travel well while still holding onto a decent battery life and specifications, enough to offer work and multimedia capabilities without compromising on efficiency and comfort.

Roll on Computex 2013, if this is the beginning, what else does ASUS have in store?

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