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Computex starts in 10 days, 27 minutes and 02, no, 01 seconds. Sorry, that’s the ace countdown timer on the official ASUS Computex 2013 website and I have a complete weakness for anything that counts down. I would have been rubbish in the final days of Skynet, mesmerised by the clock instead of running for cover…

The site has been designed to capture your imagination and reveal some of the treats that are in store for you on 03 June 2013. Here you can see the fantastic teaser trailer for Computex 2013 that has had everyone talking, and you can find out exactly when the announcement will be taking place.

ASUS Computex 2013

Are you wondering what it is that ASUS is going to announce? Is it going to be a new Transformer? Or will there be something more for us to get excited about? As the year gallops onwards (and wow, this year is flying past) we have seen ASUS produce some extraordinary products like the FonePad which has been labelled as the best 7inch tablet on the market by some…

The teaser trailer is exciting and the announcement of the new Zenbook Infinity ultrabook is equally so. I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes on the news to see what happens next – it isn’t too long to wait now, only a week!

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