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The ASUS Zenbook UX31E has a dedicated battery saving mode that conserves the power whenever possible. This can increase battery life by as much as 25% and you can keep your eye on this by using the built-in ASUS PowerWiz, a utility that shows exactly how much charge is left per application.

asus zenbook ux31e

So what does this mean for the planet? It means that you are using less power and leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind you because the UX31E is doing the hard work for you. It remembers to power down, it doesn’t drain the battery for no reason, and these features eke out a longer life for the battery.

ASUS isn’t just about a battery preserve here or an LED backlight there, the company has a focused strategy that aims to be as green as possible. Products are designed to be easy to reuse, recycle and disassemble and they have implemented greener manufacturing processes which are lead and halogen free.

The company received the 2011 Energy Star Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design and the Green ICT Award in the same year. Back in 2010 they got even more awards that had their strategies recognised by the industry as leading the way towards a sustainable future.

When you’re looking to buy a new laptop, or in this case ultrabook, it’s worth noting what features actively promote this belief so your purchasing power makes a difference.  It is also worth noting that an aluminium case – like the one that sheaths the UX31E – is easily recyclable and in demand with recyclers.

The power saving features and aluminium shell of the ASUS Zenbook UX31E are designed to work in line with their green philosophy and add another tick to the long list of pluses that I’ve uncovered as I’ve reviewed these fabulous new toys.

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