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I recently took the ASUS Zenbook UX31E on a roadtrip without a charger. The goal was to see how well this ultrabook performed over the course of three days with basic word processing and writing. I was using both Scrivener and IE9 90% of the time, and I only needed to charge it three days later.

asus zenbook ux31e

So, of course, the next point was whether or not the UX31E oozed heat. For most of the time I used the Zenbook it sat on a boardroom table, but for about 30% of the time, I was sitting on a sofa using it to catch up with the news and email. Not once did I notice any kind of heat. I didn’t get uncomfortably warm, experience any discomfort, or even think of heat if I am honest.

This just adds to what is fast becoming my favourite laptop of all time. I’ve tested the K53E, I’ve used the Transformer (yes, I know it isn’t a laptop), I’ve cared for a netbook, and none of them have inspired the covetousness I have with the Zenbook. I think it is partly because I do love anything shiny and this is ever so shiny.

To really push the Zenbook UX31E I decided to hook it up to the TV (with the included micro HDMI of course) and leave it running. I also attached a portable DVD player so that the Zenbook was forced to work quite hard while connected. After five hours of continuous play, the Zenbook was sort of a bit warm. Colour me impressed!

Next, I set the Zenbook a series of benchmarks that included PC Mark and 3DMark Vantage (these results to follow) and I made it do these ad nauseam, on repeat, for another four hours. As you can see I spent quite a bit of time trying to make the Zenbook hot.

Again, I have to say, that there was a barely noticeable rise in temperature. Placed on surfaces such as leather, glass, carpet, and cloth, the Zenbook UX31E didn’t make these change temperature. And by that I mean that they did not show a significant temperature change when my hand was placed on them.

asus zenbook ux31e

There you have it. The ASUS Zenbook UX31E can handle a lot of abuse and still remains cool to the touch. You will find some warmth, obviously, but unless you are looking for it, you won’t notice it.

Tomorrow is all about the benchmark results…

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