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Well here it is, the GTX 780 we’ve been waiting for. This is as powerful as it’s going to get for single-GPU graphics cards in the NVIDIA 700 series, barring any unforeseen eventualities or potential dual-GPU outings. And this card is something of a beast.

More power efficient than its GTX 680 equivalent, the GTX 780 DirectCU II OC edition is a departure from stock. First off, its 2304 CUDA core design has a GPU clock set to 941MHz max boost, as opposed to 902MHz max boost on the reference card (using NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0).

Then ASUS piles on the extras with the new CoolTech fan which joins the big heatsink to form a redesigned DirectCU II cooler capable of 30% lower temps than reference, based on new tests. Note the box says 20%, but actual performance is cooler! It’s also a lot quieter than a reference card, a mandatory feature of DirectCU cards.

You can expect better overclocking and stability with DIGI+ VRM and Super Alloy Power durable components, a must in a high-end part like this. As a top of the line graphics card, it’s only natural you’d want to push it plus it will be used for gaming in ultra ultra settings, meaning heavy computing load. Thus, the more robust the power delivery and the materials used the better, and ASUS continues to go all out in these departments.

You’ll also notice that the DirectCU shroud look has changed, now featuring deep-luster metallic treatments that serve as racing stripes to denote the power of this behemoth. And to be fair, this is perhaps not the card for a small form factor PC: 11.3″ x 5.8″ x 1.6″, of course dual slot, and I’d recommend a min 650W power supply here. Also being frank, if you’re a power-hungry PC gamer, delay no more.

The 3GB GDDR5 memory runs 6GHz or so by default, but of course can be pushed further, depending on how much cooling and modification you’re willing to go for. The memory interface is 384-bit.

Here are the quick pics I snapped as the sample landed on my desk:



The box with all the info you need, though as mentioned before, the cooling is actually better than when this box was printed!


Internal packaging and accessories, including power adapter, SLI bridge, GPU Tweak, driver, and manual.

Refreshed DirectCU looks…cooler! Love the new stripes, and pay attention to the two varieties of fans. The one on the right is a standard DirectCU fan, while on the left we have CoolTech, the blower/flower combo fan with two sets of blades for much bigger airflow. CoolTech is the main reason this card achieves 30% lower than reference temps, which is even better than previous DirectCU cards that averaged 20% less heat.

Views from different angles, showcasing the heatpipes and connectors. You will need a 6-pin and an 8-pin, as you can see, and do remember this card is over 11″ long, so it’s not for cramped cases.

Happy gaming!

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