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The ASUS Zenbook UX31E has surprised me yet again. I didn’t expect the sound quality to be very much at all. I mean, look at it, the ultrabook is tiny, how could it deliver anything more than tinny sound.

Well, it doesn’t.

asus zenbook ux31E

However, before I proceed I do need to ask all audiophiles to step back please. No, this isn’t going to create a sound sensation of the Xonar Essence calibre but I’m not judging it by such standards here. Instead I assessed this sound as I would any commuter forced to watch business presentations or movies on the go, any YouTube fan who wanted to have fun while (you guessed it) on the go, and someone who wanted easy access to music and movies at home or work.

For the commuter, the businessperson, the parent and the work from home person, the ASUS Zenbook delivers a quality of sound that won’t disappoint or leave you frustrated. There are few things worse than having to crank up the volume and endure an endless hiss just to be able to hear a few lines or understand what is going on, and the Zenbook UX31E won’t do that to you.

It won’t deliver super bass and there is a smattering of tin at the top notes, but played loudly in a large and open room, the bass carries beautifully and the higher tones are crisp and clear. I listened to LastFM and it handled the baritones really well.

YouTube videos were also a breeze to listen to, even those recorded with poor quality equipment came through easily. And all these tones are given a much richer delivery when you use a nice pair of headphones so you have some choice here.

asus zenbook ux31E

This great audio quality is delivered by some very well hidden speakers that are bolstered by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower and ASUS SonicMaster and you will be surprised that these tiny gems can belt out such power without distortion.  A robust performance on the audio front makes the ASUS Zenbook UX31E a really excellent choice for anyone looking for a neat ultraportable that boasts plenty of features.

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