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The Nexus 7 is proving to be a wonderfully versatile tablet and there are plenty of customisation options that can improve the way you work with it. In my last tips piece I covered five fabulous tweaks, today it is all about getting the tablet to match your personality.

ASUS Nexus 7

The text size on your Nexus 7 may not be quite what your tired eyes are used to, so make the text larger by going to Settings, tapping on Display, tapping Font Size and then choosing from the four options available: Small, Normal, Large and Huge. You may need to play around a bit before you get it right.

You can also improve the size of text in documents and the like by going to Settings>>Accessibility and tapping on Large Text. It’s simple, but helpful for tired eyes.

Another helpful hint for the Nexus 7 is the airplane mode. I could not find mine for love or money while I sat frantically jabbing at the screen on the plane so here’s how to avoid that moment of terror. Just go to Settings (again) and tap More under Data usage and there you will see the lovely Airplane Mode. Just tap it to activate.

Oh, and a quick way of finding your Settings menu in all this going back and forth between the two is to pull down your Notifications menu and tap on the Settings icon in the bar. Done.

Now you need to move your widgets around your homescreen for two reasons. 1. Because you can and 2. Because you can customise it better. To move them just tap and hold the widget and then drag it to where you want it to go. And you can adjust the size of the widget by tapping and holding until a blue line appears around the edges and you can then adjust these to suit.

You can also add folders to the homescreen so that your apps and widgets and little thingamajigs are carefully kept together and easily located. Just drag one icon on top of another and Boom you’ve got a folder. Brilliant.

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