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The latest generation of ASUS N Series notebook has been designed to redefine portable multimedia on a notebook. This, the sixth generation of these gorgeous, sleek machines, is given every last drop of technology that ASUS can muster.

Sixth generation N Series notebooks

In the video below ASUS will walk you through the various features of the sexy N Series, covering ground like the screen sizes, the multimedia capabilities and the design. There are three models in the range and each has a different screen size but boast the same metallic covers, ripple effect speaker mesh, the backlit keyboards and the new SonicMaster Premium Audio Technology which is constantly being tweaked to deliver superior laptop sound.

All the N Series notebooks come with an external subwoofer to improve bass performance too. How lovely. Maybe wear headphones on public transport methinks…

Fans of power and portability will not be disappointed either. They can handle gaming, multimedia, desktop processing and pretty much most things you can think to throw at them. Take a look and let me know what YOU think!

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