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designomonitorsYou can have the very best PC in the entire universe but if your monitor is a bit rubbish, you just won’t be getting the full experience. No sirree. I used to work on a tiny little monitor and then one day I discovered the world of huge, gigantic screen spaces and have never looked back.

ASUS have just announced their latest designs in the Designo series and they look utterly compelling. How can you say no to 24 inches of gorgeous screen space and beautiful contrast ratios? Yeah, you can’t, can you? I am trying very hard not to stroke the pictures on my screen.

The Designo series from ASUS boast several excellent features that are essential for awesome gaming and, of course, for working. They have a 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio. How is that for brilliant? And you can choose between 21.5 inches with the ML229H, 23 inches with the ML239H, or 24 inches with the ML249H. A size to match any budget, really.

You will also find that the ASUS Designo monitors have an Eco-Mode that lowers the consumption of power by up to 55%. I can’t help but be impressed by this feature. Let’s face it, with concerns about the environment and the damage caused by tech, this is an essential factor for the future.

ASUS are very focused on their green credentials, actually. We have chatted about this before, and every year they seem to take it one step further. You see, these monitors don’t just have Eco-Mode to boost their green scene, but they also use mercury-free panels and ship in cardboard packaging, of which up to 80% can be recycled.

This is a far cry from the days when we would have piles of rubbish that would only contribute to landfill after unboxing a cool product. I won’t be surprised if ASUS manage to pull off an entirely recyclable packaging solution soon.

So, if you need a new monitor because yours is on the fritz, or just too small for fun, then take a look at the ASUS Designo series due out later this year. They certainly offer enough features and credentials to make them a worthy choice.

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