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Designo ML: Color quality at heart

The new Designo ML series of displays from ASUS proves that monitors don’t have to be just things you stare at. Actually, because they’re things you stare at for long stretches at a time, it’s imperative they offer the best experience possible. The three new models in the series all use quality LED panels, and incorporate ASUS smart contrast ratios of up to 50,000,000:1. That’s a big number, but it means the color quality is much deeper and clearer, so therefore easier on the eyes.

Check out the stylish ring stand and seamless design

Additionally, with 178 degree viewing angles these screens are great for sharing, as people can sit at different angles and still get an excellent image quality with none of that irksome color bleed or inversion you get with generic displays.

HDMI comes standard with the Designo MLs, so you can hook them up to any modern PC, Blu-ray/DVD player and both Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 consoles. To keep things positive, ASUS maintains green practices with these displays. They’re totally mercury-free, use an “eco-mode” to reduce power draw by as much as 55% compared to generics, and come in packaging that’s 80% recycled matter. As you can see from the pics, the design is also quite unique, presented in a very slim and seamless form factor.

Front view of the Designo ML

The better image quality offered by the Designo ML series is a attained through the use of two advanced LCD panel technologies:

In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels feature on both the Designo ML229H and ML239H. IPS basically means crystals in the screen medium are positioned horizontally to ensure reduced “twisting”, or bending of light as it passes through the panel. The entire process occurs within one “flat” plane, hence the name of the technology. The upshot of this is what we call an improved viewing angle, as the image remains more consistent across the entire display. Non-IPS monitors, or twisted nematic (TN) panels, do not have this more intricate fabrication method. They may cost less, but they also offer a compromised image with inconsistent rendering depending on where you look at them from. Designo ML monitors apply IPS Pro technology, which guarantees a wider viewing angle, reduced color shifting/bleeding and much higher contrast ratios. All round, it’s just better!

Will the slim Designo please stand up

Vertical alignment (VA) is also included on the Designo ML249H. Vertical alignment of crystals within the panel achieves more or less the same effect as IPS, but it requires less power and maintains reduced hardware needs. Vertical alignment means the crystal medium in the panel rests vertically when unpowered, and instantly moves to horizontal alignment when a charge passes through it. The transition is so fast, it eliminates the light twisting found on basic models. With VA enabled, the screen can quickly alternate between dark and light states, resulting in excellent contrast and color depth performance, as well as much better viewing angles. Therefore, VA is essentially IPS’ premium relative, found on the best LCD products.

Next time you’re in the market for a quality monitor, give your eyes something special and check out the Designo ML series at your local retailer, rather than settle for the same old basic display.

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