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According to the government guidelines released on 10 July 2011, children under the age of five need three hours of exercise a day.  The growing levels of childhood obesity in the UK are increasingly becoming a concern and with the resultant health risks, this is something that parents need to tackle head on from an early age.

This doesn’t mean that you now need to drag your two year old to aerobics classes, of course, but it is a good idea to get them up and active from the start.

Swimming, dancing, yoga, scooting, cycling and walking are all excellent activities for the entire family to enjoy. However, you may not live close to a public pool or have any classes in your area so how can you also benefit from these lovely activities?

Well, unless you can pop a pool in your lounge, why not use your technology to get a head start. All you need is you ASUS netbook, or your Eee Pad Transformer (even your lovely desktop PC) and access to the internet because YouTube has everything you need right there for free.

You can learn how to do yoga together, do a fun dance class, and even how to do drumming. You won’t even have to worry about the weather. Just pop on your tech, some trainers, and get the family working out in the lounge.

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