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You’ve probably read quite a bit about the ASUS Taichi lately. It’s been on almost every news channel and it is one of the most talked about items in the Windows 8 post-launch frenzy. The reason for this chatter is the unique design that is both intriguing and clever.

The Taichi sits on your desk the same way that any tablet (Transformer) or laptop would. You open it up to reveal the well designed keyboard that is responsive, big enough to cope with even the meatier hand sizes, and a light, springy touch. What you have here is a good looking laptop that delivers on that design.

What makes it stand out the most, of course, isn’t the heavy tech specs – you can get up to Intel Core i7-3517U processor, 4GB memory, 256GB SSD – but the twin screens. The rear glass panel covering the front of the Taichi is yet another Gorilla Glass smothered screen with a truly fantastic spec set and super visuals.

The interior panel is full HD with 11.6inches of IPS beauty and a semi-gloss finish to reduce glare when outdoors or in harsh lighting. And the exterior screen is…the same. Oh yes, you get no less than two independent screens that can run either the same content or different content depending on what you are planning to do.

The uses for this idea are limitless – work, family, fun, entertainment, study – and the touch responsiveness is spot on. The twin IPS displays show off Windows 8 in all its glory with sharp and crisp images and bright colour definition.

The ASUS Taichi includes a stylus which fits neatly into the supplied slip cover and reacts easily to the screens.

ASUS Taichi

So here you have a tablet and laptop hybrid that comfortable embraces everything that Windows 8 has to offer while also giving the more traditional user some leg room. Multitouch gestures are supported, the touchpad works with Windows 8’s edge gestures, and the keypad is light and responsive. It is, really, a unique device that has taken the demands of Windows 8 and married it to a solution that works hard to satisfy both worlds.

How well it does that is entirely up to you – go and give one a try.

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