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Good For The Teenagers

Mark –

Ask a 17 year old boy to try out a new gadget and you will most likely never see it again. That’s the risk I have run this last week and let my son with loose with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

It won’t surprise you to learn that one of things he wanted to try out was flash based games. On this of course, the Android beats the iPad. God knows why Apple are so stubborn on this topic but it gives tablets from just about every other manufacturer a serious advantage

Our only son was generally impressed with how easy the Eee Pad was to handle.  First he went for the very popular Angry Birds. The Asus was just as good an experience as with the iPhone and iPad with the touch screen being very responsive and game running smoothly.

angry birds on eee pad transformer

Next he went to his FIFA account for a flash based game. It was good, he says to be liberated from the laptop or desktop and be able to play this on a tablet. It’s quite a flash heavy game and the Eee Pad coped with it with no trouble. The FIFA game deals with real time trading and auctions of players and he didn’t feel that it was going to crash out on him, handling real time countdowns very well.

And finally, the last few days was his first ever experience of the Android Marketplace. I have been impressed with how well apps download and install on the Asus. I like the way it updates on the device for firmware and key apps with no need to connect to a desktop in the way the iPhone and iPad do. He was very impressed with the speed at which games download.

And here’s the real test. He’s off with his mates soon on a summer holiday and he asked if he could take the Eee Pad with him. What do you think? Do I believe that he will use the Kindle app to do some of his reading for his university application? And do I trust him not to pour beer over it? Answers on an e-card please!

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