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The Nexus 7 may not be quite as light as a Kindle, nor is it given to just being used as an e-reader, but it is absolutely brilliant for keeping your books in one place and staying on top of your library. The size, the weight and the screen real estate lend themselves perfectly to sitting back with a good book when you’re done using the Nexus 7 for work…

The Kindle app that’s widely available on every platform pretty much known to man is a must-have for the ASUS Nexus 7. You may already have a Kindle account and books pre-loaded onto your Kindle, so this is just another way of keeping your devices to a minimum when commuting or travelling.

It isn’t just about books, though, the Nexus 7 is ideal for staying on top of the news with the Google range of apps. There is Google Currents that gives you tailored news and publications that are completely free and include titles such as Forbes, the Guardian, TechCrunch and more.

asus nexus 7

If that isn’t quite enough for you and you fancy bringing in Twitter as well as news outlets like the BBC or The Verge, then Flipboard (also free to install) is very much a good bet. This app extends beyond the news to include travel, music and social media.

Pocket is an app that lets you store stuff you find on the web for later reading when you have time. It used to cost cash, but now the app is free and the best part is that you can use it to catch up on the news or fun reading while you are offline – like on a flight. This is one of my personal favourites as it gives me the chance to catch up on things that I rarely have time for during the day. And I don’t forget about them because it’s a matter of just tapping a few times to grab anything from videos or articles to images.

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