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ASUS details its EP121 tablet in this latest teaser video

It seems like Christmas has come early, or, at least CES has. This link to a Youtube video detailing the upcoming ASUS EP121 tablet just dropped in my inbox:

So it’s going to be a 12″ tablet, with “replaceable storage options” and an high-performance Intel Core i5 CPU (a low power notebook one we expect, although spec is not yet released) with Windows 7 OS. It also has HDMI out, at least one USB port, a webcam and it looks like both stylus or finger can control the display. Well, blackboards have never lied to me yet, although I’d be surprised if it magically transforms into a mechanical typewriter! I’m willing to take that image with a pinch of salt though and interpret it as having a detachable keyboard, used in the same manner that was shown during the last Computex.

Frankly, I’m waiting for the Android or Apple crowd to poo-poo this product (Ohhhh, stoking the flames!), but let me tell you why I’m behind it: it’s something different.

For starters, every man+dog will have an ARM+Android tablet out there, so ASUS is the first to bridge the gap between notebook and tablet. Windows 7 might not be super finger friendly, but that’s why ASUS has included the stylus too. Win 7 definitely have its own advantages too: x86 software support eclipses that of Android or iOS, plus, you already own software for your PCs and notebooks so it’s likely you have no need to buy your ‘wares again. Plus, proper multitasking: I can actually run music, MSN AND have a web-browser together because ASUS has had the foresight to upgrade the CPU with a fuller-fat Intel Core i5. Plus-plus support for any number of Windows USB peripherals and ‘expandable storage’ options so we don’t have to decide if we can really stretch our pennies for the expensive 64GB option.

One definite user model: business folk. IT sysadmin’s will demand a certain type of machine compatible with their current infrastructure and things like Microsoft Exchange, and not every IT division has the time or interest to invest in setting up a range of OS’ to make them as secure as their corporate insurance requires. A Microsoft Windows backbone is still pretty much the default here. This makes the EP121 probably the only tablet PC IT will easily sign off.

Why bother? Imagine taking that to meetings! Oh yesssss. Let’s be honest here, at least 30%.. 50%…85% of owning a tablet right now is the novelty of showing it off.

Yes, I still want to see what other Android, iPad 2, Chrome OS (?) and even Win 7 Phone series tablets eventually hit the shelves, but more choice and product innovation is always better for consumers. Even if the EP121 isn’t totally 100% spot on this time around, it will still lead the way to more finely tuned bridging products in the future.

Also, one final thought: Eee is Me. Cute, novel, accurate? Drop us your thoughts, whims and whelms in the comments below.

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