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Save the Date

Save the Date! Weds 25th.

Join Us: Chat to Intel about MeeGo!

If you’re interested in chatting to Intel about its upcoming MeeGo OS: now is your chance!

In co-operation with WePC and Intel, we’ve setup a webinar presentation about MeeGo. See its new design; discover the ideas behind it and how to use it. There’s ample opportunity to learn first-hand about the new OS, as well as throw in all those burning questions you’ve wanted to ask.

We’ve got places open for anyone with an interest in ‘alternative’ OS’ and mobile tech to chat (well, type) directly to Intel and ASUS on the following topics:

  • The future of cloud computing
  • ASUS innovations that offer mobile productivity, entertainment on the go, greater processing power and ease of use
  • MeeGo, an open source software platform targeted for a broad range of computing device types

OK, I really want to join! How do I enter?

Just turn up at next Wednesday 25th at 4pm UK (UTC) time or 11am Central US (UTC-6) and dive into the webinar. We’ve only got 250 spaces available so be sure to turn up on time! The comments and questions will be moderated so don’t worry about naughty things slipping through. See you all next Weds!


Come chat about MeeGo with Intel and ASUS

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